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The Sunday Morning Roundup

Here’s the inaugural Sunday Morning Roundup!

My goal is to present an eclectic mix of stories, articles, essays and ideas that will help you live the good life.

This week features an essay by Umair Haque on opulence and prosperity, blog posts that will inspire you to declutter and live simply, and an awesome new idea for addressing food insecurity.


Review: Dive! The Movie

The United States throws out 96 Billion pounds of food a year.

If you loaded all that food on a train, the boxcars would stretch from Los Angeles to New York and back. If you fed it to pigs, you could raise 120 million piglets into hogs.

What kind of society wastes this much food?


Review: Take Back Your Time

Time poverty is the crippling feeling that you don’t have enough time.

Easy to explain, tough to fix.

Expanding workloads at the office, never-ending to-do lists, piles of unfinished laundry and unpaid bills force you to cram more work into every day. The breakneck pace leaves precious little time for anything other than work: family and friends, community activities, exercise, relaxation and home-cooked meals all fall by the wayside.


The fisherman and the MBA

This delightful video from Free Range Studios does a magnificent job of telling the age-old parable of the Mexican fisherman and the American MBA. I don’t think there is a better story out there that so completely and beautifully captures the meaning of the simple living movement.